Launching your new product/service?

Implement the following process or you risk it all

When your brand known for specific products or services it’s hard to sell new products/services especially when they belong to different categories.Therefore, your brand messages and images must shift and communicate your new messages and ideas.

There is a solution for that but it’s not so simple, but it's 100% proven to work. Your business needs to be rebranded. What do we mean by that?

It means that your brand must change the image in your customer’s mind. For instance, when you have an outlet store nobody believes that you have the best quality or the latest items on fashion, so you have to either rebrand or create a new store with the new brand.

Now you are wondering how would I do that?

“No worries mite” you have arrived at the right place, DetoXfi is one of the best if not the only one in the market to help you go through the process without feeling the pain and without experiencing the hard time that comes with the process.

Why us?

DetoXfi team will be responsible for almost everything we need to build your new brand or rebranding the one you have right now.
Our process would include market research, developing a buyer persona, measure your market and specify our target customers, writing compelling and educational content to describe your products/services, developing critical sales funnel to put your potential client into auto-drive till they buy, and building high quality and very compatible UI/UX website or landing page for your specific new products.

Finally, running our profitable ad campaigns.


We know how you need our help fast and quick!!!

So just to sweetening up the deal for you, we will give you a 50% discount on the first three months and 30 days money-back guarantee.

Services include
  • New marketing strategy
  • Market research
  • Brand awareness
  • Advertisement for the products/services in the new brand
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