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Business review weekly is an Australian business magazine. Published bi-weekly, it features economy, business and investment in Australia. The magazine reported on successful business strategies, ways to make money and entrepreneurialism.

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About the company

Business review weekly is an Australian business magazine. Published bi-weekly, it features economy, business and investment in Australia. The magazine reported on successful business strategies, ways to make money and entrepreneurialism.

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Paid Subscribers
Website Traffic
Overall Subscriptions
New Sales Channels
Business review weekly Magazine is an Australian business magazine, which has been in the market for over 40 years. The magazine commentary on investing, stock market, industry, business topics and more. They are the most popular in Australia for business people.
  • The print industry all over the world have experience declining in subscriptions
  • Total sales for printed magazines, which was around 65% of total sales of the magazine
  • In digital age where subscriptions in magazines are declining, we needed to focus our efforts in the right audience. So had to set the magazine apart from other business magazines so we can promote our brand as the only magazine worth to subscribe to
  • Lack of exclusive contents
  • Since Business review weekly Magazine no longer has content exclusively, we had to figure out a way to appeal to the audience of business Magazines for a totally different reason. Business review weekly Magazine articles are now entirely offered online at BRW. Business review weekly Magazine struggled to build their brand and position their products, as they can find all articles online
  • Growing the number of subscribers
  • BRW Magazine’s primary goal was to increase paid subscribers
  • Create the right persona for the best audience
  • We needed to position BRW as a right of passage
  • Creative Display Ad Concept
Get your name on the cover of BRW, every successful business man wants his name on magazine to show others how successful he is. So to get your name on our magazine you need to subscribe. Not only that you get the idea that successful people read this magazine like I do, which great for building the brand as the magazine name become associated with successful businesses.
Creating videos appealing to the new audience
We created videos to be suitable to share on social media, and as the new target (young college and University students) are less likely to read ads and most likely to watch them on social media and YouTube. We wanted to inspire them to associate our magazine with prestigious and entrepreneurship. Videos focused on that BRW is the most trusted magazine in Australia and to bolster our reputation to increase our subscription rate.
Appealing to new audience using Video
Our video strategy for BRW
We know that new generation are more inspired by video they watch over YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. Therefore, we created BRW video ads campaign to target these new potential target, and spread brand awareness that BRW is prestige magazine and Business magazine that can help colleges and universities graduates to know about the market so they become more involved and informed so they could be hired as employer want to hire someone with open mind not just a certified person. Furthermore, we emphasize the value of BRW to be differentiated from the rest of the others.
PPC Optimisation
We broaden our audience focus from age and gender to income and education. We started by resting and expanding upon audience, even though we had preconceived targeting.
Our expansion didn’t stop here, we went beyond that using keywords. They previously used only brand related keywords, and we expand that to go into middle funnel keywords, tripling the number of converters.
We used retargeting to attract customers that signed up for the trial period and previous customers that they haven’t renew their subscription. Furthermore, we grow our list by using sign up for free newsletter to collect emails to be targeted in our retargeting campaigns.
We utilized display targeting which they haven’t been utilize it before to target those interested in reading news and business news in different sites and blogs, to keep BRW in their eye sight which strengthen the brand identity and bring more leads.
  • We increased over all subscriptions 69%
  • We increased paid subscriptions by 20%
  • We increased PPC traffic 102%
  • We increased Brand traffic 31%
  • We introduced 2 new advertising channels

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