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Stan is Australia’s leading local subscription video-on-demand provider, and they are streaming the largest TV networks in the country, Australian producers and international networks to deliver TV shows and movies to watch every single day.

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About the company

Stan is Australia’s leading local subscription video-on-demand provider, and they are streaming the largest TV networks in the country, Australian producers and international networks to deliver TV shows and movies to watch every single day.

  • PPC Management
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Landing Business Intelligence
  • Creative Direction


Increase Subscriber
New Subscriptions
Decrease in Avg. CPA
Recipe Videos Produced
Stan entertainment now is a subscription based streaming service. Their subscription includes access to a selection of the best films, crime, political thrillers and dramatic series.
They offer one-month free trial to access their content.
Content Focus vs. Platform Focus
Advertising campaigns benefit from consistent and continuous messaging. This results in greater ad-recall and improved conversion rates.
Prior to bringing us on, the Stan advertising campaigns were mostly title-specific. That is, they heavily promoted new title releases and had not focused on developing the branding of their platform as a whole.
Title-driven ad campaigns are inconsistent by nature. The content offered on Stan frequently changes, and there are always new titles to promote.
The lack of consistency resulted in low ad-recall and higher costs per acquisition than is typical.
We needed a strong creative strategy to compete with the likes of Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and other colossal streaming services. As their marketing agency, we needed to help them understand what makes Stan entertainment unique and build branding campaigns around that.
Developing A Persona
Without a developed persona and an understanding of who their target customer really is, it was originally difficult to build a brand story that would appeal to potential subscribers.
We were challenged with understanding the different personas of the Stan entertainment fanbase and using that to develop our brand positioning.
Quality of Customers
We found that customers who signed up as a result of title-driven campaigns were more likely to cancel their subscription before their free trial period ended.
We needed to find a way to earn customers that cared more about the quality of our overall library instead of just one specific title.
We concluded that if we could acquire customers that signed up on the merits of the platform as a whole, as opposed to just one title, we could boost retention rate and improve customer lifetime value.
  • Increase the total amount of subscribers
  • Brand Development
  • Increased Customer Lifetime Value
  • Decreasing customer acquisition costs
It was clear that a multi-channel branding initiative would be key to the growth of Stan entertainment. The main goal for this initiative was to establish brand positioning, showcase the value of the platform, and add personality to the Stan brand.
These campaigns had a longer-term approach that factored in other micro-conversions such as ad recall, direct traffic growth, and view-through-conversions.
Although we started out with a fairly broad goal, we were able to introduce new concepts to increase brand awareness and positive association with the brand name.
Not only did we achieve this from our creative ad concepts, we were able to capitalize on this through all channels.
Our social campaigns promoted the videos and poster in our top of the funnel reach campaigns and our search campaigns were carefully articulated to capture the branded search traffic, which dramatically increased as a result.
Most importantly, we made sure to put the message in front of potential customers several times to boost ad recall. Our YouTube campaigns for the recipe videos have a significant budget behind remarketing, to ensure the brand messaging is reaching our audiences who have previously interacted with our website or mobile app.
We achieved long-term growth and significant improvements in customer retention with a flushed out top of the funnel creative strategy.
In Google Ads, since we started running the YouTube campaigns, we increased branded conversions by 1,308%, decreased cost per conversion by 65% and increased conversion rate by 195%.
Within our YouTube campaigns specifically, we earned 2,513 views and 466 conversions and maintained a cost per conversion of $27.

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